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AMC SESSION: Beyond “Install Tor & Signal”
Saturday, June 17 • 2:00pm — 3:30pm
State Hall Room: 111

If you are an activist in the world today, you are operating for positive change in a historic time. Some say we are creeping toward authoritarianism on a global level. We…

updated: October 2021

Mateo ( geminiimatt ) a.k.a matt mitchell , photo by Nick Lee

“In computing command line, there is a command: $whoami. It invokes info on the user who typed it, echoed out on to the screen. The earliest version of it is credited to Richard Mlynarik. Here is what a real-world ‘whoami’ would echo out about yours truly.” …

Rachel Weidinger
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Cooper Quintin ( )
Martin Shelton ( )
matt mitchell ( )

Inspired by: a session & discussion at Aspiration Tech Dev Summit 2016
Document written in: english translated to: english
First Published: November 18, 2016
License: Digital Security training resources for security trainers…

matt mitchell

technology fellow @Ford Foundation

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