AMC SESSION: Beyond “Install Tor & Signal”
Saturday, June 17 • 2:00pm — 3:30pm
State Hall Room: 111

If you are an activist in the world today, you are operating for positive change in a historic time. Some say we are creeping toward authoritarianism on a global level. We will teach you advanced methods to keep safe when using computer software, mobile apps, circumvention tech and hardware. Learn from case files of real security forces on operational security mistakes made by others. Your presenters will show you how to keep resisting in the face of highly skilled adversaries. We will work with you to create a digital safety plan moving forward. Participants will walk away with some ideas as how to continue their fights without losing their freedom, livelihood or worse. This workshop is intended for those w/ experience in using apps like signal, tor, etc who have questions on best way to properly use those apps to safeguard communications, remain pseudonymous, scatter their electronic trail, and mitigate risk. This will be a hands on participatory workshop.


We are also forming a group using the app WIRE to join if you want to keep in contact with others participating in the session. To get started connect to the users below, once connected send a message. Here is a guide on getting up and running on wire pseudonymously. True anonymity is a high bar. :






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