PRIVACY RECIPE: Creating an online persona

New Yorker Magazine

Step 1: Get a phone number that is not tied to your personal information.

IMAGE SOURCE: “My Phone Bought This” by oliver t is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Important notes on your device

Step 2: Get an email address detached from your real identity

Important preparation: use a VPN to protect your privacy online

REMEMBER: Tutanota terms of service says ONE free account per individual.

About gift cards

Step 3: Set up a Twilio number for creating untraceable online accounts

Creating an account on

Email verification is designed to prevent automated and fake email sign ups.
You need to upgrade your TWILIO account to do anything else.

Bonus step: Start a Telegram account with Twilio number

You will start here
All Products and Services (…)
API EXPLORER allows you to see the data flowing in or out of your TWILIO account.
PROGRAMMABLE SMS is the screen that shows all things related to text messages.
MESSAGES can be found under PROGRAMMABLE SMS is the area that lets you handle SMS text and images.
MAKE A REQUEST to find the message from TELEGRAM and retrieve our verification code.
A 100% computer generated face using the ROSEBUD.AI tools at Generative Photos.

Frequently Asked Questions…



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