How To Give A Digital Security Training

  • Remember to be as inclusive as possible. A broad welcome and a code of conduct go a long way.
  • Risk assessment (AKA threat modeling, don’t know what this is? read this, this, or that )
  • Operational Security and Information Security basics (i.e. basic digital hygiene)
  • How to learn more and keep up to date
  • Choose an accessible space. Consider places like a community center, library, or cafe. Let your audience’s comfort guide your venue choice. Avoid alienating locations, such as hackerspaces. Think about who will be attracted to the space, and who is likely to come back again.
  • Real world promotion (fliers, postcards, personal invitations) will get real people. Digital outreach will get digital people. Reach out.
  • Drafting an agenda will help you plan time in the training, and remind you of what you want to cover and ask. It’s just like a regular agenda, plus it includes time, questions to ask, materials you’ll need, and content you’ll cover.
  • Model good privacy practices. If you’re going to take photos, check out these guides from for tips on preserving privacy:
  • Tell trainees in advance what they should bring. We recommend telling people to bring an open mind and the device they use the most. It’s more important that people come to the training than bring a particular device.
  • Do basic risk assessment
  • Understand the limitations of digital security training
  • Share good info with their friends
  • Have a way to keep up to date on digital security

Follow the ‘do no harm’ principle to the best of your ability.

Model real-life challenges: It’s best to focus on practical security concerns that people can immediately address. Teach ways to think about security and threat modeling (a better introductory term is risk assessment). Talk to people about realistic scenarios or situations that they will actually face.




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