How to reach matt mitchell privately?

TL;DR: hit me up on wire personal (my username is: geminiimattx)

shout out from the TV show,“Mr Robot” Season 3 Episode 6


How to reach me on WIRE Personal:

  1. Create an account using your web browser so wire only needs an email address. There are a few ways to create an account and use wire. An app for computers and phones or just a webpage.
    To use the webpage to sign up and login (recommended): go to and choose CREATE ACCOUNT -> PERSONAL.
    To use the computer or phone app: Go to the Wire personal (not pro) download page
    [ figure #1]
  2. Create an account using your email and a strong password. If you are trying to hide your identity or contact me with a pseudonym, remember to come up with a username that isn’t your real name or something easily linked to your identity. A good password is a phrase or sentence with 9 or more words in it. Make it memorable, as the longer the password the stronger it is. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT. If you ever have problems logging in or forget your password it is used to help. You will need to enter this in to sign into wire on new devices or once you log off.
    [ figure #2]
  3. Search the wire user list for the person you want to add. Search for me on wire and add me. You don’t need to share your contacts with if you know the usernames of the people you want to speak to. In this case, it’s me at “geminiimattx” (please note the x at the end). Click on the icon of a person in the lower left corner and then type my username into the search field.
    [ figure #3][ figure #4]
  4. OPTIONAL: Add to your smartphone so you can reach me on the go. Once you have created an account, have a password, and have tried to connect with geminiimattx then you can go to the google play store or apple iphone store and install on your mobile device.
  5. Turn on timed messages so they disappear after I read them. Timed messages don’t work the way you probably think they do. A timed message has a dot to the left of it. Timed settings (at the time of this post) are DEVICE SPECIFIC. This means if we are talking on the wire app on my mobile phone and i set my message timer to “self-destruct” in 5 seconds. If I switch to the browser and continue the conversation there the timer is set to off, i have to change it here to 5 seconds. If I then open the wire desktop app, then continue the conversation from there the timer is set to off, i have to change it here to 5 seconds too. What are timed messages anyway? This feature means soon as I open my app and read the message a timer begins on it. It will disappear after the time you set. If you send me a message set to time out in 5 seconds it will disappear 5 seconds after you send it from your device and 5 seconds after I read it from my device. If you are in a group chat, anyone who changes the timed message timer effects all the messages from that point on. However something that may be unexpected to people is if you are on a 1-on-1 chat, changing timed messages only effects YOUR messages. Not the other person. If I am offline for a week the count for my device starts once I am back online and read the message. If you don’t know how long to set it, I recommend the maximum amount of time, which today is “4 weeks”.
  6. did you want to be pseudonymous ? if you were one of the people who decided you didn’t want me to know it was you, then you should be pseudonymous . Using an alias works on humans but if you want the wire server to not link your account with your device there is one way to do that. Wire keeps identifiable information about your device linked to your account. so when you are done chatting you should remove this information. Log onto your account from a public computer or device, on the mobile phone click on your face then the settings cog. on browser just click on the settings cog. click on DEVICES and for the devices you are not using you can click on them and REMOVE DEVICE. One device will have to remain that is the device you are currently using.
The download page for WIRE PERSONAL the free to use version of WIRE
wire figure #2: once you get to the personal account sign on for
wire figure #3: click on the icon of a person to search for GEMINIIMATTX
wire figure #4: be sure to click connect so i can accept your request.
wire figure #5: when we are in chat please turn on TIMED MESSAGES
wire figure #6: set disappearing messages to 4 WEEKS if you dont know how long to set them to.

How to reach me on ProtonMail:

  1. Create an account using your web browser. Go to on your web browser.
    [ figure #1]
  2. When you write me at ( thats a CH not a COM) be sure to set the message to expire in 4 weeks by click on the hour glass in the compose window. [ figure #2 ]
protonmail figure #1: there is no easy way to recover your password so recovery email makes sense unless you are trying to be pseudonymous
protonmail figure #2: set the protonmail email message to expire in 4 weeks.

How to reach me on Signal Encrypted Messenger:

What about Whatsapp, why don’t you list it here?

  1. setting up signal: TBD

How to reach me on keybase:




technology fellow @Ford Foundation

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matt mitchell

matt mitchell

technology fellow @Ford Foundation

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